Rob looks good on trucks.

March 26, 2014

Rob LOVES old trucks. Every time we pass one he perks up and dreams of the good old days. He is reminded of his days as a lumberjack and days fixing up cars with his dad. He loves how an old beat up truck is proof of a mans hard work. He loves that most beat up trucks belong to old men with beat up hands. I think he ultimately loves how these beat up cars tell stories that only get better with age.

We passed this truck and luckily had our camera gear on us. We decided to shoot for a while, not for work, just for fun. We decided we need to do much more of that. We find so much joy and inspiration in the spontaneous and un-expected (even if it is almost noon and not ideal lighting)! 🙂


kj and rob

KJ and Rob 02

KJ and Rob 03

KJ and Rob 04


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