Camping trip to Southern Colorado

It had been too long since we’ve taken the camper out and went on a new adventure! It is amazing how refreshing a few days outside can be. It takes time, and sacrifice but it is so worth it. We finally made it happen this fall and it was a highlight of the year! Also we are obsessed with Crested Butte, so any chance we get to take a trip there is a huge win for us.

This was little Nav’s first trip in the trailer and…huge surprise to us…she loved it! Somehow she slept like a champ in her tiny room (closet). We made a bet and agreed there would be about a 90% chance Nav would end up sleeping with us in a full size bed, but somehow that 10% became reality πŸ™‚

This trip looked a little something like this ; Black Canyon of Gunnison -> Ridgeway -> Ouray -> Telluride -> Crested Butte -> Home.

If you are heading to any of those destinations to explore and need a few recommendations, feel free to comment below!


KJ & Rob

Jackie + Mike *Colorado Engagement*

These two feel pretty special to us. We met Mike about 10 years ago at Young Life, and lost touch over the years, but a few months ago he reached out about engagement photos.

We got to meet Jackie at the engagement session and immediately fell in love with her. It is so fun to see how they bring out the best in each other and they feel so comfortable and free around one another.

Jackie & Mike, your marriage will be beautiful. Great choice on one another.

Also we love your dog.


~KJ & Rob

Our Maternity Pics!

You guys…she is coming soon! Her due date is this weekend and we can’t believe it. It is the wildest feeling being so excited and anxious for something. It is like Christmas morning only you know some of your presents will hurt or keep you up all night or poop on you…

Anyways, thank you so much to the lovely Lisa Odweyer for capturing some photos for us at 37 weeks. She is a Fort Collins film photographer who is incredible and has a cool accent…huge bonus! πŸ™‚


KJ and Rob wedding photographers 001

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 002A

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 003

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 004

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 005

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 006

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 007

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 008

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 009

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 010

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 011

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 012

KJ and Rob wedding photographers 013

Become a better person – Let go of perfection

My freezer is still full of ice cream from my birthday party 3 weeks ago…which is every pregnant woman’s dream! It is so fun to look back on all the great memories from my 27th year, but this year something was different as I reflected. I noticed something was off when I began to feel a little disappointed. In reflection, I realized I had spent too much of last year critiquing myself and creating a list of things I wished would change. My mind comfortably hosted too many thoughts about what was not perfect about myself or who I wished I had become by now. I was striving for perfection which only made me realize how far away from it I am.

The worst part is, if all you can see are the imperfections in yourself, it becomes too easy to see the imperfections in others. If I am not ok with my mess, how will I be ok with others? #judgement #comparison #jealousy #bummer

This is a sketchy trap and not who Jesus is or who He wants us to be. I actually think God is quite enamored with us…after all he sees Jesus in us, not our failures. If we can win God’s affection by our perfection, we aren’t believing in the full power of the cross.

So I’ve been trying to re-train my brain to dwell on the good, even if it looks messy! I have begun declaring truth over myself and listing all of the things I love about others.

Here is the cool part…

As I’ve began to speak nicely to myself and focus on the good instead of the bad, I’ve actually fallen more in love with Rob. I have noticed traits about him that I’ve never seen before…and they are amazing. Rob is amazing. You guys for real, he is freakin’ awesome! I am in awe of his character and I honestly hope I become more like him. I have spent too much of my marriage noticing the things that should change and not enough time savoring the gifts that should remain!

If you want to be more gracious and kind to others….start with yourself. Practice speaking kind things over yourself! We will never arrive to perfection, that is Jesus’ job, not ours. Let go of arriving to perfection and start enjoying the process of who you are becoming.

Need permission to let go and dwell in a positive and joyful mindset? Read Philippians 4:8.

So, let’s allow the process to be what is beautiful, not the perfection. After all, we are going to spend most of our life in process so we might as well find beauty there and enjoy the ride.



Date Night – Theme Night!

Dar and Kawika have a stunning marriage and we get to see it first hand! We are lucky to call these two friends and live life only a mile apart πŸ™‚

Here is their favorite way to date ~

“One of our favorite date nights is a theme night. So we will pick a theme “Colorado” and do a few outings that involve that theme!!!
For example our Colorado date night we went out for Beau Joes Pizza and ordered one of their “mountain pies”, got Colorado brews to drink and then sat up at our local reservoir and watched the sunset. Simple- but fun! This theme date night could be elaborate as you want! We’ve done Latin night went out for Margs and went salsa dancing, NFL date (which is one of his favs) watch the BRONCOS make our own wings, dips and bar food at home and then during commercials go throw the football in the yard. Keeping it playful & simple is our key!”

hawaii destination wedding

Date Night – Cooking Class

Tori & Ben nailed it on this one! Such a fun date idea you two!

“Our date night took place at the new Fort Collins Cooking Studio in the Opera Galleria. I love cooking and being in the kitchen so I thought this would be really fun! Ben does OK in the kitchen and we are always getting better at working together in the kitchen! πŸ™‚ I love his help when entertaining so any kitchen skills he can learn are good with me! The cooking class was great because we got to interact with other couples and work together on a common goal: dinner!”

Here is Tori & Ben on their way to date night!


Date Night – Classy Picnic

Loving this simple and relaxing date idea from Chris & Marianne!

“I think one of my favorite dates was when Chris and I packed some of our favorite fruits, cheeses, and meats, along with some tasty wine, and headed over to Wash Park with a blanket. It was so fun to sit under the trees and eat our picnic. There’s lots of fun people watching to be done there. Then when our bellies were full and our eyes got heavy, we took a little snooze in the shade of the trees. It was such a relaxed, low key date, but it was fun to spend the quality time together in the summer weather.” ~Marianne

Happy Friday and don’t forget to hashtag your date nights! #kjandrobdatenight

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Date Nights – Adventurous Dinner Date

Oh this story is dear to me. McKendree and Tim are some of our closest friends and keep us accountable for being fun and adventurous. I love the story of their first date, and how to make a simple dinner date an adventure to remember!

“I (McKendree) will never forget when I received a text message from my then boyfriend (now husband) that I was supposed to β€œDress warm,” for our first date. Bear in mind this was the only message I received minus the time in which he would be picking me up. Being mid-December in Fort Collins, with no-doubt a fresh layer of Colorado snow, I laughed out loud, like really laughed, not just the lol kind, and wondered what he possibly could have up his sleeve.
So when on our first date, on a near freezing winter night, he picked me up on a tandem bike (fun fact: this tandem was given to KJ and Rob for a wedding gift from a group of our friends), I knew I was in for a journey of adventure and fun. So in my three heavy layers, winter gloves, and knitted hat, I saddled up on what has now been a defining moment in our relationship.
After we rode to dinner, unknowing to me, he had cleverly schemed with his roommates to switch his car for the bike, knowing the cold tandem ride adventure effect can only last so long. So much to my grateful surprise we left dinner in a warm car.”

Don’t forget to use #kjandrobdatenight on instagram to show off your date night! You could win $100 date night gift card!

(This photo was from Mckenn & Tim’s engagement session!)

Date Night Ideas

Date Nights – Easy Camping trip

Happy Friday! Welcome to our first official KJ & Rob Date Night series. Reading all of the date ideas you guys have submitted has been a blast, keep ’em coming! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #kjandrobdatenight on Instagram for your dates so that you can be entered to win free dates!

Check out this adventurous & easy date night from the lovely Kalya & DJ!

Our absolute favorite date night is a quick overnight camping trip! We drive somewhere close enough that it doesn’t take too long but far enough that we have pretty views πŸ™‚ We grab a pizza, s’mores stuff, and beer on our way up and that’s about it! We keep it pretty simple. It’s a great and cost friendly opportunity to get away and connect with your spouse, enjoy God’s creation, and spend time sharing your hearts with each other! It’s fun to sit and dream and laugh together; or even just sit quietly and just enjoy each other’s company in that setting. No technology, no distractions- just a campfire, some country music, and some yummy food. ~Kayla


Red Dale Trailer Trip – Part 1

Oh boy I miss this trip already! It was honestly one of the funnest things Rob and I have ever done. Something about the unexpected and the adventure just made us feel so alive. I remember learning how refreshing it was to let go a little and just wing it! Several nights we had no idea where we would get to sleep, and if we had enough gas to get there. For me, it was an important reminder about the stories I want to tell. I got to experience so much more and encounter many more incredible people by not planning every second of every day. I originally wanted a safe plan that I knew would be the best and the easiest…but turns out there isn’t much adventure or fun there. My favorite stories from the trip are the stories that were completely unplanned or involved a little risk. There was so much joy in letting go.

On to the trip! Here is part one! We left Colorado in a whirl wind and started our 27 hour drive. Turns out driving a 2000 pound trailer into head winds makes for a slow drive and 9.8 MPG. We drove through most of the night because there were winter storm warnings right behind us. We stopped at a few truck stops for naps, but eventually made it to Sonoma! We were very late and thought we would be locked out of the gate to our campsite, but we somehow made it! This campsite (Alexander Valley) is nestled in the valley where vineyards surround you! The site is nothing special, but the location is incredible.

We got to bike to several vineyards and try wine all day! Dream day, I know! Thanks to Stryker Sonoma and Soda Rock for treating us so well and the vineyard tours!

Also, if you are visiting this area, leave time to visit Healdsburg. The town is absolutely precious!

The following are a mix of phone photos and DSLR.

Enjoy πŸ™‚


KJ & Rob SONOMA California 001

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 002 Just woke up from a nap πŸ™‚

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 003

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 003A We found a breakfast diner off the highway…I couldn’t tell you where!

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 004

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 005

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 006

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 007 If any one wants to get married at this epic barn, let us know! πŸ™‚

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 008

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 009

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 010

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 013

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 014

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 015

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 017

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 021

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 022

KJ & Rob SONOMA California 023