Date Nights – Adventurous Dinner Date

June 11, 2015

Oh this story is dear to me. McKendree and Tim are some of our closest friends and keep us accountable for being fun and adventurous. I love the story of their first date, and how to make a simple dinner date an adventure to remember!

“I (McKendree) will never forget when I received a text message from my then boyfriend (now husband) that I was supposed to “Dress warm,” for our first date. Bear in mind this was the only message I received minus the time in which he would be picking me up. Being mid-December in Fort Collins, with no-doubt a fresh layer of Colorado snow, I laughed out loud, like really laughed, not just the lol kind, and wondered what he possibly could have up his sleeve.
So when on our first date, on a near freezing winter night, he picked me up on a tandem bike (fun fact: this tandem was given to KJ and Rob for a wedding gift from a group of our friends), I knew I was in for a journey of adventure and fun. So in my three heavy layers, winter gloves, and knitted hat, I saddled up on what has now been a defining moment in our relationship.
After we rode to dinner, unknowing to me, he had cleverly schemed with his roommates to switch his car for the bike, knowing the cold tandem ride adventure effect can only last so long. So much to my grateful surprise we left dinner in a warm car.”

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(This photo was from Mckenn & Tim’s engagement session!)

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