Date Night – Theme Night!

July 3, 2015

Dar and Kawika have a stunning marriage and we get to see it first hand! We are lucky to call these two friends and live life only a mile apart 🙂

Here is their favorite way to date ~

“One of our favorite date nights is a theme night. So we will pick a theme “Colorado” and do a few outings that involve that theme!!!
For example our Colorado date night we went out for Beau Joes Pizza and ordered one of their “mountain pies”, got Colorado brews to drink and then sat up at our local reservoir and watched the sunset. Simple- but fun! This theme date night could be elaborate as you want! We’ve done Latin night went out for Margs and went salsa dancing, NFL date (which is one of his favs) watch the BRONCOS make our own wings, dips and bar food at home and then during commercials go throw the football in the yard. Keeping it playful & simple is our key!”

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