Jaime + Michael *Vail Colorado Wedding*

I’m so encouraged.

There are absolutely wonderful people in this world. There are families that are together and love each other deeply. There are selfless and brave leaders all around us. After 11 years of shooting weddings we just keep meeting incredible people.

Every single person at Jaime and Michael’s wedding was wildly kind and fun. People deeply respected who Jaime and Michale are as individuals and a couple. Tears were shed during the ceremony and the dance floor shook the entire reception.

Jaime & Michael, thank you so much for making us feel like invited guests. Thank you for jumping up to meet us at your rehearsal dinner. Thanks for asking about our daughter. Thanks for being spontaneous and braving the freezing temps for photos and an adventure. We truly hope to see you again and maybe have you guys kick out butts on the ski hill 🙂


KJ & Rob

Epic Vendors ~
Coordinator – Snapdragon Celebrations
Ceremony – Vail Chapel
Reception – Donovan Pavilion
Flowers – Vintage Magnolia
Makeup – Weemala
Band – Raising Cain

Winter Wedding Vail 01

Winter Wedding Vail 02

Winter Wedding Vail 03

Winter Wedding Vail 04

Winter Wedding Vail 05

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Winter Wedding Vail 22

Winter Wedding Vail 23

Winter Wedding Vail 24

Winter Wedding Vail 25

Winter Wedding Vail 26

Winter Wedding Vail 27

Winter Wedding Vail 28

Winter Wedding Vail 29

Winter Wedding Vail 30

Winter Wedding Vail 31

Winter Wedding Vail 32

Winter Wedding Vail 33

Winter Wedding Vail 34

Stephanie & Nathan *Colorado Engagement Session*

The first time we got to meet Stephanie and Nathan was at their engagement session, and we immediately knew we liked them. We started by meeting up for a glass of wine and Rob quickly found out that Nathan was also into mountain biking and I couldn’t stop admiring Stephanie’s awesome dress.

The couple met in Colorado when Stephanie flew out to visiting a friend. They both caught each others attention and immediately starting pursuing each other. Nathan proposed to Stephanie on a trip to the Grand Canyon, to celebrate their anniversary. They rave about that weekend even though Stephanie knew Nathan would propose. When Stephanie was confirming flights she asked if Nathan was certain he could get the time off of work, his response was ‘Of course, I just have to tell my boss that I am proposing…oops’. Nathan simply had fun with it and just kept Stephanie guessing. She would assume he would propose on the 17 mile hike to the bottom of the canyon, but he waited. After all, he said they were too tired to eat, let alone get engaged! It wasn’t until the end of the trip that he pulled her aside at the overlook to ask her to spend her life with him.

These two will be having a beautiful destination wedding in Breckenridge in August!

Enjoy 🙂

~KJ & Rob

KJ and Rob Photographers 01

KJ and Rob Photographers 13

kj and rob

KJ and Rob Photographers 16

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KJ and Rob Photographers 19

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KJ and Rob Photographers 21

Rob looks good on trucks.

Rob LOVES old trucks. Every time we pass one he perks up and dreams of the good old days. He is reminded of his days as a lumberjack and days fixing up cars with his dad. He loves how an old beat up truck is proof of a mans hard work. He loves that most beat up trucks belong to old men with beat up hands. I think he ultimately loves how these beat up cars tell stories that only get better with age.

We passed this truck and luckily had our camera gear on us. We decided to shoot for a while, not for work, just for fun. We decided we need to do much more of that. We find so much joy and inspiration in the spontaneous and un-expected (even if it is almost noon and not ideal lighting)! 🙂


kj and rob

KJ and Rob 02

KJ and Rob 03

KJ and Rob 04

Katie + Curtis *Colorado Engagement Photography*

wedding photographers in colorado

Although we have only met Katie & Curtis once, it is obvious that these two are wild, fun, and free. The couple has already traveled the world together and are up for any adventure. Even after the engagement session, Katie & Curtis drove 4 hours to be at the X games!

Their wedding will be full of antlers, flowers and free people dresses. It is going to be epic.

Stoked for you two!

~KJ & Rob

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Martin + Ali *Vail Wedding Photography*

I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than celebrating someones marriage. Martin & Ali got married on January 4th in the oh so charming town of Vail. We of course woke up to a blizzard of snow, but the intensity died down and we were left with just a perfect dusting.

When I arrived to where Ali was getting ready, I was greeted by her father who was wearing a dress shirt and ski pants. Luckily this is totally normal, and of course he would start this special day on the slopes. Many of their guests and family were either sore or injured from spending the week adventuring with the couple, how epic is that!

Ali & Martin are truly an awesome match. They made us feel like great friends, even though we had only met them once. Their cozy ceremony was held at the Vail Chapel, where Ali has watched many family members get married before her. The celebration took place at the Four Seasons, where a live band played all night and guests were able to sit by a warm fire.

Martin & Ali, it was such an honor to celebrate your marriage with your family and friends. We will be calling you when we make it out to the east coast 🙂

~KJ & Rob

Vail wedding photographers 01

Vail wedding photographers 02

Vail wedding photographers 03

Vail wedding photographers 04

Vail wedding photographers 05

kj and rob vail

Vail wedding photographers 08

Vail wedding photographers 09

Vail wedding photographers 10

Vail wedding photographers 11

Vail wedding photographers 12

Vail wedding photographers 13

Vail wedding photographers 15

Vail wedding photographers 16

Vail wedding photographers 17

Vail wedding photographers 18

Vail wedding photographers 19

Vail wedding photographers 22

Vail wedding photographers 23

Vail wedding photographers 24

Vail wedding photographers 25

Vail wedding photographers 26

Vail wedding photographers 27

Vail wedding photographers 29

Vail wedding photographers 30

Vail wedding photographers 31

Vail wedding photographers 32

Vail wedding photographers 33

Vail wedding photographers 34

Vail wedding photographers 38

Vail wedding photographers 39

Vail wedding photographers 41

Laughing, Crying & Honored. *Behind the Scenes*

Wow. What a year it has been! Rob and I can both confidently say that 2013 was the best year yet!

Here is a little peek at the behind the scenes of our day jobs. What a joy it has been working full time with my wild (and good looking) husband!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of our 2013 couples who trusted us to document their story, and even more, treated us like their own guests! We are so incredibly grateful.


kj and rob photographers 01

kj and rob photographers 02

kj and rob photographers 03

kj and rob photographers 04

kj and rob photographers 05

kj and rob photographers 06

kj and rob photographers 07

kj and rob photographers 08

kj and rob photographers 10

kj and rob photographers 11

kj and rob photographers 20

kj and rob photographers 19

kj and rob photographers 18

kj and rob photographers 17

kj and rob photographers 16

kj and rob photographers 15

kj and rob photographers 14

kj and rob photographers 13

kj and rob photographers 12

kj and rob photographers 38

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kj and rob photographers 35

kj and rob photographers 34

kj and rob photographers 33

kj and rob photographers 32

kj and rob photographers 31

kj and rob photographers 30

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kj and rob photographers 41

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kj and rob photographers 56

Tera & Josh Engagement

We seriously hope to be as cool as these two one day! Not only are they obviously stylish and good looking, they are so stinkin’ fun! Just wait until you see what they have planned for their wedding next September!

kj and rob

kj and rob photographers 02

kj and rob photographers 03

kj and rob photographers 04

kj and rob photographers 05

kj and rob photographers 06

kj and rob photographers 07

kj and rob photographers 08

kj and rob photographers 09

kj and rob photographers 10

kj and rob photographers 11

kj and rob photographers 12

kj and rob photographers 13

kj and rob photographers 14

kj and rob photographers 15

kj and rob photographers 16

kj and rob photographers 17

Prizes Prizes Prizes!

Well, as most of you know by now, we are so excited to announce that we are changing our photography company name on Thursday! Yippy!

We have spent over 6 months making this decision and working with a fabulous designer to create a new visual identity. We thought there is no better way to release our new name than with a party…and the best part is you are all invited! Thursday we will be celebrating in style by giving away some incredible gifts from our friends and lovely wedding vendors. Today I will let you in on what you have to look forward to, and tomorrow I will share the rest and the Grand Prize!

Here is a peek of what is to come….

Prize 1 ~ M.A.C Lip Gloss from the very talented Keegan Steele of Steel the Spotlight. Ok, this girl is crazy talented! She is a local makeup artist that began her career in California when she was 17! Her work has been seen in the magazines like Vouge and Cosmopolitan and she has worked on the set of General Hospital, Discovery channel and more! If you are looking for a makeup artist, this is your girl! Plus, she is incredibly fun and I promise you will want to be friends with her! Check out her site here ~ Steele The Spotlight

Prize 2 ~ Vintage pearl Bracelet! Timiry, the owner of Dora Grace has lovingly offered this stunning 3 strand pearl bracelet for one of you lucky ones! This simply and elegant bracelet is value and $85 and can be worn with any wedding dress or just for fun. Dora Grace is located in the heart of downtown Fort Collins and offers a classy atmosphere to find your perfect wedding dress. She always has a wonderful variety in her store, so all price points are sure to find a winner. She works with a fun and stylish staff that will make you feel right at home! AND…Dora Grace is having a BIG sample sale on Sunday, August 4th!  Check out all of the bridal goodness here ~ Dora Grace

Prize 3 ~ Were giving away 2 – 20 minute power session branding critiques from JULIE STORY! This awesome prize is for photographers or anyone with a website or business! If you haven’t met Julie yet, you should. This is a woman who packs a punch, not only as a very talented creative, but a lover of Jesus and a MOM! Julie offers a full range of creative services, including website design/development using the amazing showit platform, identity formulation and branding critique. Once you talk with her, you will leave feeling encouraged and ready to take on the world! Julie is giving away a 20 minute power session, to help you pump up your brand. Check her out here ~ Julie Story

Ok, well that is all for today, but stay tuned and hear about the rest of our prizes tomorrow 🙂



Oh..and just for fun I’ll throw in this fun pic from a photo shoot I did with Dora Grace & Keegan!

Verge photography

Neon Wedding Inspiration

fun wedding ideas

The color reveal is here!!! We have been so excited to share this photo shoot and all of the vibrant details! We were so honored to be featured on green wedding shoes, and you can check out the feature HERE!

We teamed up with many fabulous Fort Collins vendors to take a dream and make it reality. We knew that neon was an upcoming trend, and we thought why not throw that into the wedding world. What a fun & vibrant statement to make at a wedding!

This inspiration shoot is full of DIY details that can easily be done by any bride or party planner 🙂 The back drop…believe it or not… is made out of sticky notes! How awesome is that? The plates were hand painted with a ceramic pen and the vase is covered in hot pink duck tape.

A ginormous thank you to all of the vendors who contributed to create this neon wedding!!!

Floral Design & Concept ~ http://laceandliliesflowers.com/

Makeup ~ http://www.steelethespotlight.com/

Dress ~ http://doragrace.com/

Table & chairs ~ http://www.oldecrate.com/

Invite design ~ http://www.gingerfreshdesign.com/

Printing ~ http://www.theprintcafe.com/

Nails ~ http://www.sheshelounge.com/

Neon Wedding Inspiration 001wedding colorswedding color ideasfun wedding ideasunique wedding ideascolorado wedding ideasfun wedding ideasfun wedding ideasneon wedding



Fun styled shoot Black & White

A few weeks ago I had the honor of working with some fabulous vendors here in Northern Colorado to create a super fun photo shoot. We dreamt about wild wedding ideas, and decided to make one of our favorite ideas come to life! Here is just a teaser of what is to come. Stay tuned for the color reveal & entire shoot! Yippy!!

Verge PhotographyVerge photography