Surprise Vacation!

May 9, 2012

It was Friday evening and Rob walked in after a long week of work. As giddy as could be, I handed him a casual shirt and his favorite hat. I asked him to follow me because I had a surprise and something to show him. I grabbed the dinner I made us and a venti coffee out of the fridge and headed towards our packed car. He looked at me confused and said, “this surprise is going to take a while…isn’t it”. He knows me too well and knew a venti coffee was only for special occasions or road trips. We started heading up the Poudre canyon and his mind began to race. I was honestly impressed with how many ideas he came up with, and I now have plenty of awesome date ideas. He kicked up his feet and decided to stop guessing.

It was about an hour later that Rob looked at me with a slight grin and asked, “Steamboat”? I just smiled and kept driving.

It was so refreshing! This past weekend was our last free weekend before wedding season hits in full swing. We got to drink wine by the river, mountain bike for hours, and soak at the Strawberry hot springs. We even found ourselves celebrating cinco de mayo at the local mexican restaurant.

Now we are ready…c’mon wedding season!

Here are a few of our iphone pics ~

Verge VERGE Photography


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