Vail Wedding Photography *Amy + Mike*

Meet Amy + Mike (most people call him Tilly).

I think you will see for yourself, their wedding day was spectacular. The forecast called for 90% chance of rain all day. The ceremony was planned to be outside as well as the cocktail hour. But…the clouds broke open and the sun came out almost all day! Plan ‘A’ was a success!

Our favorite moment was definitely the dance floor. We honestly had a hard time moving around the reception because the dance floor was completely packed the ENTIRE night. The band never took a break and the dancing never stopped. Also the toasts were hilarious.

Amy & Tilly, it was SO fun to meet you both and get to celebrate your marriage. You two are so easy and fun to be around. After meeting your friends and families and hearing stories, we have no doubt you two are as wonderful as you seem. Thank you so much for inviting us into this wonderful day.

A huge and epic shout out to the vendors who hustled hard to make this event flawless –

Planning/Coordinator- Snapdragon
Band – Mannequin Band
Venue – Red Sky Ranch
Flowers – Petals and Pours
Makeup – Michele McKamie
Hair – Jill Burlingame
Desserts – CornerStone chocolates
Transportation – Vail Coach

Stove Prairie Ranch Wedding *Kelsey + Drew*

I can honestly say after 12 years of wedding photography it is so clear to me what makes an epic wedding…it is always the people. This is probably true about life, but I am certain it is true to weddings.

Kelsey + Drew’s wedding day started with thunderstorm warnings and plenty of rain and hail. Guests had to be moved out of a tent because the lightning was too close. Cocktail hour ended up in the ceremony site near horse stalls. AND the groom broke his leg 4 weeks before the wedding. But I can genuinely say this wedding was a highlight. The couple and their families were so laid back and just enjoyed the ride.

Kelsey + Drew, we are pretty stoked we are friends now and can’t wait until you move back to Colorado 😉 You guys are both absolutely wonderful to be around. Thank you so much for your endless kindness and sharing your wedding day with us!

~KJ & Rob

Check out these amazing vendors pulled off this wedding perfectly –

Venue – Stove Prairie Ranch
Planner – Jolly Events
DJ – Elite DJ – Billy
Caterer – Nordy’s BBQ
Rentals – FLEXX
Cake + Cupcakes – Whole Foods
Transportation – Fort Collins Charter
Flowers – Audra Rose Floral
Bar Service – Peak Beverage

Snowy Rocky Mountain Wedding *Danyelle + Reid*

Danyelle + Reid are a brilliant and kind couple who are so easy to spend time with. We loved watching the way these two balance each other so well and bring out the best in one another!

The couple had an intimate wedding at the rustic Wild Basin Lodge. Although it was late April, in true Colorado fashion we woke up to a snow storm. The ceremony was in front of the river and the guests stayed warm with blankets and fire pits.

Danyelle & Reid, thank you for braving the cold and hiking by the river. We hope your toes have thawed and we hope the honeymoon was epic! Thanks so much for sharing your most important day with us!

– KJ & Rob

Adventure Elopement *Dream Lake RMNP*

We met at 6:00am at the trail head in Rocky Mountain National Park. Although Dan & Jeanne are from Florida, they had hiked this trail to Dream Lake before and thought it would be the perfect place to Elope at Sunrise.

You guys, I can’t contain my giddy feeling about this shoot…it was such a dream (pun not intended). We spent 3 hours hiking and exploring in 12 degree weather, and we all loved it!

Dan & Jeanne, thank you SO much for trusting a stranger to meet you at a dark trail head and hike into the wilderness with you…kinda hilarious when you think about it! I am honored I got to meet you both and know your story.



Camping trip to Southern Colorado

It had been too long since we’ve taken the camper out and went on a new adventure! It is amazing how refreshing a few days outside can be. It takes time, and sacrifice but it is so worth it. We finally made it happen this fall and it was a highlight of the year! Also we are obsessed with Crested Butte, so any chance we get to take a trip there is a huge win for us.

This was little Nav’s first trip in the trailer and…huge surprise to us…she loved it! Somehow she slept like a champ in her tiny room (closet). We made a bet and agreed there would be about a 90% chance Nav would end up sleeping with us in a full size bed, but somehow that 10% became reality 🙂

This trip looked a little something like this ; Black Canyon of Gunnison -> Ridgeway -> Ouray -> Telluride -> Crested Butte -> Home.

If you are heading to any of those destinations to explore and need a few recommendations, feel free to comment below!


KJ & Rob

Jackie + Mike *Colorado Engagement*

These two feel pretty special to us. We met Mike about 10 years ago at Young Life, and lost touch over the years, but a few months ago he reached out about engagement photos.

We got to meet Jackie at the engagement session and immediately fell in love with her. It is so fun to see how they bring out the best in each other and they feel so comfortable and free around one another.

Jackie & Mike, your marriage will be beautiful. Great choice on one another.

Also we love your dog.


~KJ & Rob

Jaime + Michael *Vail Colorado Wedding*

I’m so encouraged.

There are absolutely wonderful people in this world. There are families that are together and love each other deeply. There are selfless and brave leaders all around us. After 11 years of shooting weddings we just keep meeting incredible people.

Every single person at Jaime and Michael’s wedding was wildly kind and fun. People deeply respected who Jaime and Michale are as individuals and a couple. Tears were shed during the ceremony and the dance floor shook the entire reception.

Jaime & Michael, thank you so much for making us feel like invited guests. Thank you for jumping up to meet us at your rehearsal dinner. Thanks for asking about our daughter. Thanks for being spontaneous and braving the freezing temps for photos and an adventure. We truly hope to see you again and maybe have you guys kick out butts on the ski hill 🙂


KJ & Rob

Epic Vendors ~
Coordinator – Snapdragon Celebrations
Ceremony – Vail Chapel
Reception – Donovan Pavilion
Flowers – Vintage Magnolia
Makeup – Weemala
Band – Raising Cain

Winter Wedding Vail 01

Winter Wedding Vail 02

Winter Wedding Vail 03

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Winter Wedding Vail 32

Winter Wedding Vail 33

Winter Wedding Vail 34

Kristin + Tyler *Black Canyon Inn*

Meet Kristin and Tyler. They are awesome.

A wedding day reveals a lot about a couple and a family. Everyone is gathered and emotions are high. It is always so fun to see the crowd of people who have been impacted by the lives of the bride and groom. Kristin and Tyler had quite the crowd. The impact they have left on peoples lives gathered an impressive and wildly fun group of family and friends. There wasn’t a moment the dance floor was empty and there wasn’t a moment a guest sat alone.

Kristin and Tyler, you two are radiantly in love! You made our jobs easy. Thank you again for having us on your wedding day, we smile just thinking about it. Can’t wait to see you guys again soon and maybe you can teach us how to use a smoker … If we don’t have a smoker we will settle for Nachos 😉


~KJ & Rob

Venue – Black Canyon Inn
Florals – Hana Style Designs
Reception – Twin Owls Steak House
Band – Mannequin the band
Video – Canvas & Light
Wedding coordinator – Pink Diamond
Hair – Bella Capelli
























Lauren + Grant *YMCA Mountainside*

It is always such a wild experience to show up to a destination wedding without ever having had the chance to meet the couple. We know we are about to spend all day with a bride and groom on one of the most important days of their lives.

Well, Lauren and Grant exceeded all of our expectations. Kind, chill and fun are the best ways I can think to describe them. They were up for anything and seemed so present all day. The cozy yet epic setting of their mountain top wedding suited them well!

Here are a few highlights from their day!






















Iceland + Italy

Well, Rob wins. He surprised me with our dream vacation for our 6 year anniversary! I am still blown away at how hard he worked to make this trip possible, it is unreal and I feel so very spoiled.

We traveled to Iceland, Italy & Switzerland. We got to rent a camper van in Iceland and cook grilled cheese in the car, we caught trains from charming town to town in Italy, and we ran with cows in open fields at the base of the swiss alps. A dream.

I will say this. We were reminded that although vacation is incredible, it is still real life, it is not the ultimate goal. I have dreamt of this trip for so long, but at the end of the day we remember that our home can’t be replaced. We craved our friends and family and can’t believe we get to live in Colorado.

Here are a few digital pics from the trip! We will share the film images once they are processed!

…And yes, we did wear mostly the same clothes the entire trip 🙂


Colorado Wedding Photographers 001

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