She said yes! *Colorado Proposal*

August 14, 2012

Yup. It was awesome. I got to photograph two wonderful friends as they got engaged!

I stood hiding in one of the only trees that could be found above timberline at cottonwood pass. I waited silently hoping the people on top of the trail would yell out ‘Hey what’s that photographer doing hiding in a tree’? I pulled my hood to cover my blonde hair and had a starring contest with a chipmunk, until I heard a faint little laugh. A little laugh that was obviously full of nerves and anticipation. It was Steph.

Tyler proposed to Steph in her loved little town of Buena Vista. The rest of the day was packed full of surprises and didn’t dissapoint. All of Tyler & Steph’s family flew in to celebrate their new lives together and plenty of friends waited in the back yard to toast the couple.

CONGRATS Tyler & Steph!! We love you guys!! 🙂

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