Uniqueness of YOU

March 1, 2016

It just gets me giddy sitting with young entrepreneurs. I love hearing dreams, passions and business ideas. It is so sweet we get to be creative with the way we make a living and combine our passions and dreams.

Last week I was contacted by a local photographer who asked to meet and talk about business & strategy, so that she could get to do what she loves. I said heck yes! Turns out she is totally adorable and inspired me with her dreams.

All this to be said, she asked many great business and marketing questions, and I realized after talking with her that what I am most passionate about in business…I don’t do well. I told her the one thing I think is most powerful in a business competing in a saturated market is to market the uniqueness of yourself. Rob and I have been taught that the uniqueness of YOU is the only thing that can’t be copied! I believe it is the quirks, the mistakes, the passions & dreams that people connect with…not the perfect images, the brilliant marketing strategy or perfectly curated office space. Although those things have value and purpose, I don’t believe it is what causes us to relate to each other, and connect on deeper levels. I do believe the truer we are to ourselves, the more others will be set free to savor the uniqueness of who they really are.

I typically share blogs or images based on what I think is expected of me, not what I desire or am passionate about. How many decisions do we make because the world expects us to?

I want to be eager to share real stories even if they aren’t perfect. I don’t want to waste my time creating a perfect yet fake version of myself. I want something more powerful than that. Something that hopefully encourages others to enjoy who they are…a mess and all.

I’ve realized that the people I look up to and adore are typically quirky or enjoy their uniqueness. How sad would it be to reach the end of our lives and realize we never really discovered who we are.

So here is to messy hair, piles of laundry on a chair, Christmas Pj’s in Spring, dessert for breakfast and guilty pleasures. These are the things I desire to hear about in other peoples lives and the type of things I hope I am free to share.

Let’s be fearlessly authentic.

Uniquely you


  1. Natalie Ostrandet

    March 1st, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    KJ and Rob, your uniqueness is exactly what attracted me to you guys when I met you at Della Terra! You have such a fun loving spirit and enthusiasm for life that is infectious! I love your quote at the end and vow to be fearlessly authentic with you! I enjoy the beautiful treasures you both created for Aaron and I and we are forever thankful for your unique style!

    Natalie Ostrander

  2. Sara Kleiber

    June 1st, 2016 at 6:35 am

    Hey you two. Loved your work when I was doing weddings in ESTES PARK! I’m now in Colorado Springs. Lots of unique weddings at the Glen Eryie castle where I work. Would love to show you around!

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