On The Verge…

June 14, 2010

“If you are planning that once a year camping trip, you might want to reconsider! You will have nothing but rain.” These were the words of the weather man who changed my weekend plans. Upset at first, considering my Dad and I had been planning this trip for over 3 months, we decided to take a day adventure and attempt to climb higher than the clouds that ruined our plans. Trail Ridge road was our new destination and a day playing in Rocky Mountain National Park. Trail Ridge Road is the highest elevation continuous highway in the US. As we entered the park a ranger told us, ‘Visibility is at zero, it is wet and slippery, and large constructions trucks are in your way… but have fun!’ Bummed again, our back up plan was soon to be anticlimactic.

I was wrong. Although the Ranger was right and we couldn’t see any of the amazing views, a different dream came true! Because of the weather conditions, wildlife was thriving! My dad has lived in Colorado more that 25 years now, and he had never seen a moose. He has even dedicated days in his past to set out and search for this marvelous creature. After 25 long years, he spotted not one moose, but 5!

On the drive home through the clouds and the rain, I realized I was thankful for the bad weather. One little obstacle turned into a 25 year old dream coming true. Let’s say we were both happy campers! Thanks for reading.Colorado natureNature PhotographyColorado natureRollins HillsRocky Mountain National Park_dsc3688.JPG


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