How to find your perfect wedding photographer

February 15, 2013

This morning we wrote a blog for NoCoWep about finding your perfect photographer. We thought we should share our thoughts here too 🙂


Most people will agree that choosing your wedding photographer is a big decision. The wedding photos are the tangible memories that will last a life time. You are not able to ‘sample’ or test exactly what you will get, so you must choose based on style and personality. The hope is to find a great match for your personality & style, then trust your photographers creative process. Here are a few tips when searching for your perfect wedding photographer ~

*Determine your style! Look around and notice what type of photographs stick out to you. You will notice several styles of photography that can be very different from one another. Ask your self if you like natural lighting versus flash or artificial lighting. Do you like posed and structured photos, or candid moments? Do you like edgy and artistic images, or natural and soft images? Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer what their style is!

*Know your budget! Colorado wedding photographers pricing can typically range from $1,000-$8,000 (or more). This cost is typically determined by experience and the products offered and time spent. It would be a bummer to have your heart set on a photographer that is way out of your budget.

*Start searching early! Most wedding photographers (unless a large company) can only photograph one wedding a day. Calendars can fill up quickly, so make sure you secure your favorite photographer for your wedding date.

*Understand the post-production process. It is very helpful to know what you are getting and when you are getting it. Product delivery can be very different from photographer to photographer. Some will give prints, some will give dvd’s, some will give online galleries, some will give wedding albums or other products. Check out what your photographer offers. (VERGE Photography is excited to be offering PASS this year!)

*Personality! This is a big one! For a photographer to capture the real you…you need to feel confident to be you! Your photographer is going to be with you through most of your wedding day, it is important that you enjoy being with them! You will be able to tell the difference in your photos if you are feeling relaxed and confident versus awkward and uncomfortable. I highly recommend meeting with your photographer or setting up a skype date to get to know them.

We hope this helps! Enjoy the search and we wish you the best of luck!

~Karina & Rob 

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