Easter Proposal

April 6, 2012

I felt so sick! It was only noon and I was laying in my bed with sweat pants on and hair in a mess. Robby came over to wake me from my nap and suggest we go on a hike. Robby & my friends knew I couldn’t pass up on an adventure, so I agreed to go. We took a scenic drive to Estes Park and pulled up to the trail head of a hike we had done before. I kept wondering what I was getting myself into and why I agreed to go, until Robby pulled out a small Easter basket from the back of his car. I have always been a sucker for Holidays and any sort of fun tradition, so I knew something fun was coming. In the basket had a note that suggested I carry this basket along the trail in case I find any Easter eggs. Somehow my excitement took over my sickness and I started skipping up the trail. I saw an odd stack of rocks suggesting something was near. I starting searching and found my first of many Easter eggs. I frantically opened the egg and dark chocolate started falling out…score! I shook the egg empty and found a small note stuck inside. We cruised along the trail and found plenty of eggs all with my favorite treats and torn pieces of paper. Each paper started with “Remember when…” and a significant memory of Rob and I followed. I was pretty clueless until I realized all of the memories were written in chronological order, which only led my mind to wonder what would be the last memory. We finally reached the end of the trail and Robby asked if I would like to rock climb a little higher. After balancing a basket full of Easter eggs and and climbing in Chacos, we made it off the trail and to the highest point of the area. The view was breathtaking and we saw the sun setting behind the 14,000 foot tall mountain, Longs peak. I noticed something unique in the distance and I started walking towards it, leaving Robby behind. My heart started to work its way up to my throat when I noticed this shiny object was another Easter egg. My fist though was that this egg was far too beautiful to hold more chocolate and torn paper. I reached down and grabbed my last treasure and slowly opened it. Realizing I had forgotten to breathe, I let out a long sigh when I saw just another torn piece of paper. I set down the egg to unfold this last memory, and found a surprisingly short amount of words. The note read ‘Do you remember when…’ but with no answer. I slowly turn around and found Rob on one knee waiting to be noticed. The tricky guy had the ring in his pocket the entire time, and at that moment he suggested it go on my finger.

3 years ago today, Robby asked me to be his wife!

Easter ProposalVerge Photography

  1. Meg Courtney

    April 6th, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    OH EM GEE this is the cutest thing I have ever heard!!! Way to bring it home Robby!! Love you guys!

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