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the journal

It is always tricky to know what to give a guy for Valentines day. Luckily Robby and I prefer a simple celebration, just to enjoy each other. We made dinner together last night and played Wii…pretty awesome if you ask me. We made cranberry chutney pork and asparagus, check out the recipe HERE. Robby is […]

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! The day has come! The time is here! My absolute favorite day of the year. I will be spending my Christmas day enjoying way too many candy canes, wonderful family, surprises from Santa and wishing Jesus a very happy birthday. Hope you all are creating fun memories and celebrating old traditions. I wish […]

I have so much to be thankful for this Holiday season! It is such a blast to look back on this year and realize all the love and support we have received. We have been lavished…that is for certain. Thank you to you all for supporting VERGE and supporting Rob and I. We are humbled […]

I told him I would take care of it. I told Rob I would fill our new advent calendar with treats and every day we will get to open a door and find a surprises (he has never had an advent calendar before). Apparently all he heard was that he gets a surprise everyday, and […]

I am loving Thanksgiving more and more each year. I have come to appreciate how simple and wonderful the holiday is. I have been learning the value and of being thankful for the little things and how that attitude can shape a mind. I want a mind that is continually grateful, since after all I […]