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the journal

It seems like every distraction imaginable is begging for your time and attention. Although a lot of these distractions are good (family, friends, jobs), we can’t let anything take priority over the intentionality in our marriage. We have vowed before people to put our spouses needs above our own. At the end of the day, […]

Ahhh! Seriously, that is how I feel! We have worked so dang hard on this project and it feels so good to finally share it. First of all, we realized dreams are expensive. Not only financially, but expensive with time. We had to remind ourselves continually that we have dreamt of this for 4 years […]

The Red Dale is officially gutted! Carpet, walls, lights, insulation, toilet…gone! Although we look plenty red neck and have a pile of insulation & a toilet in our back yard, we are well on our way to our dream trip 🙂 Here is a little tour of the trailer before we gutted it! The trailer […]

Here is proof that our jobs are the most fun and we can get little wild 🙂

We did it. We’ve dreamt of this for years and we finally did it. We blocked off time in our planners and we are really going. We have always dreamt of traveling the West Coast in a trailer, and the adventure has finally begun. We bought a nasty, smelly, old, stained trailer and we are […]

If you have ever read ‘5 Love Languages’ you would know that giving & receiving gifts is a love language, and it is definitely mine 🙂 I honestly love spending time trying to think of the perfect gift. We had received this little gift in the mail a few weeks after an engagement session we […]

I can’t tell you how many times I ran back and forth to press the shutter! You would think we would own a remote by now, but we don’t and it is more fun to run and beat the timer! Here is a peek at a few bloopers during the process 🙂

Oh my. I will start a few years back and tell you that Darlene has had a wonderful influence on the world around her. This lovely woman leads the people around her and represents the love of God so beautifully. She is currently an art teacher and constantly reminds high school students about the truth […]

When we first met Katie, we knew we were going to like her. She came walking up with red lips, tons of freckles and fringe boots. Immediate friends. We got to meet Curtis a little later, and although he wasn’t wearing fringe boots, we were just as excited about him. Katie & Curtis are a […]

Chris & Marianne tied the knot last Saturday at the beautiful Hudson Gardens in Denver. The couple had an intimate party with their closest friends and family. It was so fun to see Chris & Marianne laugh through out the wedding day with out stress or worry. Guests could hardly hear the ceremony over the […]