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the journal

It seems like every distraction imaginable is begging for your time and attention. Although a lot of these distractions are good (family, friends, jobs), we can’t let anything take priority over the intentionality in our marriage. We have vowed before people to put our spouses needs above our own. At the end of the day, […]

Ahhh! Seriously, that is how I feel! We have worked so dang hard on this project and it feels so good to finally share it. First of all, we realized dreams are expensive. Not only financially, but expensive with time. We had to remind ourselves continually that we have dreamt of this for 4 years […]

We were stoked to find out Renee & Jordan were set on taking engagement photos in Denver. The couple wanted to document the area where their relationship began! They had many dates and adventures on these downtown streets and it was so fun hearing stories along the way. The couple literally left the engagement session […]

All Elizabeth wanted was snow. We had a forecast of sunshine, so we drove to the mountains! Dang are we so glad we did! We couldn’t be more excited to call these two friends now, and can’t wait for our Golden Retrievers to meet 🙂 Thanks Elizabeth & Ian for braving the cold snow and […]

Here is proof that our jobs are the most fun and we can get little wild 🙂

We feel like the luckiest to know these two! We met Kayla & DJ at a wedding we shot a few months ago, and now they are getting married! We got to sit together and enjoy vino and tacos (our favorite things!) while hearing about Kayla & DJ’s engagement and dreams. So fun to hear […]

The first time we got to meet Stephanie and Nathan was at their engagement session, and we immediately knew we liked them. We started by meeting up for a glass of wine and Rob quickly found out that Nathan was also into mountain biking and I couldn’t stop admiring Stephanie’s awesome dress. The couple met […]

We are stoked to share Chelsea & Alex’s engagement session with you today! We have known Chelsea & Alex for several years now, I even took Chelsea’s senior photos! It has been so fun watching these two collide and walk forward together. Alex proposed to Chelsea a few weeks ago at the place where they […]

Rob LOVES old trucks. Every time we pass one he perks up and dreams of the good old days. He is reminded of his days as a lumberjack and days fixing up cars with his dad. He loves how an old beat up truck is proof of a mans hard work. He loves that most […]

It is your lucky day because you get to meet these two! Everyone, this is Adam & Hally, some of the coolest people we know. Being around Adam & Hally is like a breath of fresh air. They are wildly passionate, confident and joyful. Rob and I have been fortunate to know Adam for several […]