Appreciating the small things

June 7, 2010

It felt like Christmas morning! I was sitting up waiting anxiously by my window with hopes of spotting a certain someone… the UPS man. There he stood, tall and proud with his all brown uniform and that tiny box. I rushed to the door before he had a chance to knock, and signed that hard to use little box. There it was, my new camera lens. I threw everything else aside and devoted all my attention to my camera bags new family member. I spent the rest of the day playing with the latest addition.

This 50mm lens works wonders with focus and depth of field. This is the lens I wanted to capture details, the unnoticed and the unseen. I wanted to bring attention to that that had none. This lens has forced me to look more closely. I must slow down and open my eyes to the things around me. This lens has made me search for things I would have never otherwise noticed. This has been such a great reminder for me. It brings so much joy to celebrate the small things and discover the unnoticed.

So here is to details and surprises! Here is to the joy from discovering the unknown. And to bringing attention to that that has none!

Have a great week! Happy Monday

~Karina _dsc8830.JPG_dsc9904.JPG



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