An Invitation…

October 2, 2010

I just couldn’t stop starring at this photo, is stole my attention. Not because it is obvious that I am horrible at hula hoop, or it looks like I am having the time of my life, instead I stopped to realize how thankful I am. This photo was taken of me last month while I was shooting a wedding. I was focusing behind the lens of my camera, when I felt a light tug around my waist. I look down only to find a flash of vibrant colors pulling me in the opposite direction, it was a hula hoop being held by many people in the wedding. The crowd all cheered me on and literally pulled me into the middle to watch me attempt this thing called Hula Hooping. The brides sister grabbed my camera and documented the event. The entire wedding party invited me into their event to share the joy.

I feel so honored and loved that people invite me into their stories. Today I feel like the luckiest! I get to share stories, laughter, joy and love with so many couples that I otherwise would have never known. Today I am thankful for my job that allows me to live deeply and fully with so many other people.

Thank you to everyone who has invited me into their story… it means the world.



  1. Sidekick

    October 4th, 2010 at 12:10 am

    Pure joy. Love it Karina (and you!)

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