Alaskan Splendor

July 6, 2010

I’m used to taking a small “pocket” camera with me on vacations, but for this last trip…I decided to go the whole nine yards and take my D700, 3 lenses, a flash, and of course-my charger and extra memory cards. After a few minutes of grumbling as I lugged all my gear onto the airplane, I became excited with the prospect of new photographs just waiting to be captured in the beautiful Alaskan landscape. The trip was wonderful, and I am so glad that I used my “big girl camera” instead! It gave me a chance to learn more about not only what kind of pictures my camera is capable of taking…but what I am capable of seeing as well and capturing as well. It gave me the confidence I needed to come home and really dive into the wedding season, and for that I say “Thanks, Alaska”.


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