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May 23, 2013

We were on the road and had many miles left until Moab. Plenty of coffee was in the drink holder and good friends were in the car behind us.

The ticker turned to 199,999 miles, and we could hardly keep our eyes on the road. We patiently waited and it seemed like miles had past. Then it turned. We made it. 200,000 miles on our jeep. Rob layed on the horn and pulled over to celebrate. Our friends joined us as we celebrated our car’s huge accomplishment. We all shared a few photos and a lot of loud music and dancing on the shoulder of the interstate.

We hopped in the car and simply continued on. We just kept on trekking along. Rob looked at me with a slight sentimental expression, and he couldn’t help but remember how many sweet memories we had shared in the jeep. It seems almost funny to get sentimental over a cars mileage, but we realized how the mileage number was such a fun reflection on the adventures we had shared together. We decided the mileage number no longer meant how much life our car had left, but instead the measure of our adventures together. It is pretty crazy to realize you have spent almost 200,000 miles traveling and adventuring with your best friend.

So cheers to adventures and many more miles to come!

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