A promise kept & real love.

February 14, 2013

I’m sitting in my office and watching fluffy snow flakes fall from the sky and thinking about all of the people I love.

Today I am wearing a ring that my Dad gave my Mom on their first Valentines day together. I can’t help but think about how thankful I am for their fun and playful love and example to my family. My dad often tells me a story about when I was six years old and ran home from school crying. I learned that my friend’s Dad was leaving her Mom because they didn’t love each other anymore. This was the first time I learned about divorce and I couldn’t fathom it. That day, I made my Dad promise me that he would never leave Mommy. 31 years later they are still madly in love, and I know it is not just because of that promise.

So this Valentines day, I am especially grateful for the many examples of true love that I have in my life. Thank you to my parents, Robby’s parents, both sets of Grandparents, My brother and his wife, Robby’s sister and her husband and many more for setting the bar high. We look up to you all and your life long marriages.

By the way…Robby and I are going to be riding our tandem bike to get burgers and milk shakes tonight. Perfect date for me 🙂

Verge PhotographyHappy Valentines Day!!! <3




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