Wedding at Alluvial Fan in Rocky Mtn. National Park

May 28, 2008

Wow… what an amazing wedding day for Jessica & Mike! Snow…sun… amazing backdrops…a great romantic set and a wonderful couple! We had a great time working with you both!

Of course I have to add one photo of Daniel with his 80-200 zoom that he pulled out of the river after he dropped it off the rocks at the waterfall… cause what kind of blog post would this be without telling the behind the scenes anglemike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0407.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0421.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0443.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0446.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0574.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0584.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0598.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0674.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0783.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0805.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0812.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0824.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0828.jpgmike-and-jessica-2nd-picks-0853.jpgdaniel-dropped-lens.jpg of the story?!!


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