VERGE young guns!!

January 21, 2009

In the November issue of Rangerfinder Daniel and I were surprised to see the title “Young Guns” on their cover page! (you can check out the article here) That was exactly what we were thinking as we had been mulling over the idea of adding to our team here at VERGE! There are so many young (not to imply that we are old, cause we’re not!) and very talented photographers emerging in the wedding photography industry. We love shooting, but we also love encouraging up and coming photographers and helping them discover their full potential when we can. And so we are very happy to introduce you to Karina Whiteman…she is an Art major at CSU with a concentration in Photography and she is super great!! She just got back from exploring and experiencing Costa Rica, so I’m posting a few of her photos from a mini portrait session she did there, as well as a few pics from a wedding here in Colorado. We are very excited to bring Karina on as a VERGE young gun and think she will be an awesome addition to Life on the VERGE!!! You can see a couple of photos of Karina at the end of this post…couple on Costa Rica beachsunset on the beach in Costa RicaCosta Rica beach portraitCosta Rica beach photosEstes Park Wedding… Lily lakein the fields by Lily Lake in Estes Parkgetting carried away by Lily Lake in Estes Park, COphoto of Karinaanother photo of karina


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