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We are so stoked to share Alyssa & James’ engagement session today. These two are gold! We seriously feel like we found a treasure. Alyssa is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She listens intently and cares deeply. James is a blast. He had Alyssa’s cheeks hurting only 10 minutes into the session because […]

These two. If you know them, you are honestly one of the luckiest people in the world. Kelley and Ben devote their time and hearts to helping others. I have never seen such tender and joyful hearts in someone their age. I can’t stop smiling when I am around them because they truly just have […]

Wow. What a year it has been! Rob and I can both confidently say that 2013 was the best year yet! Here is a little peek at the behind the scenes of our day jobs. What a joy it has been working full time with my wild (and good looking) husband! Thank you, thank you, […]

Every now and then it hits me. I realize how incredibly blessed I am that I get to photograph people for a living. When we were shooting Darlene & Kawika’s engagement, it hit me again. I get paid to hang out with marvelously cool people….crazy I know. Darlene & Kawika complement each other perfectly. They […]

It was a quiet morning and fresh snow had fallen. Ben had been planning this proposal for a while and he had all of Kelley’s family and friends waiting to celebrate her. Rob and I were dressed in snow camo and had built a little fort to hide in while Ben walked Kelley to the […]

We met Chris back in College when we led Young Life together, and I nearly freaked out when he asked us to shoot his wedding. Knowing how awesome Chris is, we knew his new lady friend would not disappoint…especially when they invited us to get burgers and beer before the engagement session. Chris & Marianne, […]

We seriously hope to be as cool as these two one day! Not only are they obviously stylish and good looking, they are so stinkin’ fun! Just wait until you see what they have planned for their wedding next September!

Meet Kimmy & Andrew. They are awesome and we think you will agree! We knew immediately we would be a great fit when Kimmy suggested we should get Margaritas and play yard games for their engagement session. Seriously, one of Rob and I’s favorite things to do after a long day of work is to […]

Kindergarten sweethearts. Not kidding, these two met in Kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. One of Camarae’s earliest memories was playing softball with Zach during elementary and having Zach’s Dad for their coach. How fun is their story! It is obvious these two love each other well and have so much fun together. […]

The color reveal is here!!! We have been so excited to share this photo shoot and all of the vibrant details! We were so honored to be featured on green wedding shoes, and you can check out the feature HERE! We teamed up with many fabulous Fort Collins vendors to take a dream and make […]