Iceland + Italy

Well, Rob wins. He surprised me with our dream vacation for our 6 year anniversary! I am still blown away at how hard he worked to make this trip possible, it is unreal and I feel so very spoiled.

We traveled to Iceland, Italy & Switzerland. We got to rent a camper van in Iceland and cook grilled cheese in the car, we caught trains from charming town to town in Italy, and we ran with cows in open fields at the base of the swiss alps. A dream.

I will say this. We were reminded that although vacation is incredible, it is still real life, it is not the ultimate goal. I have dreamt of this trip for so long, but at the end of the day we remember that our home can’t be replaced. We craved our friends and family and can’t believe we get to live in Colorado.

Here are a few digital pics from the trip! We will share the film images once they are processed!

…And yes, we did wear mostly the same clothes the entire trip 🙂


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Awesome Gift!

If you have ever read ‘5 Love Languages’ you would know that giving & receiving gifts is a love language, and it is definitely mine 🙂 I honestly love spending time trying to think of the perfect gift.

We had received this little gift in the mail a few weeks after an engagement session we shot. We had mentioned our love for coffee and being outdoors, so our thoughtful clients had this delivered to our doorstep. It is an AeroPress.

Although the name kinda sounds like a spaceship, this little device makes the most incredible coffee! The device essentially makes espresso through using pressure. You simply scoop coffee in to the cylinder and add hot water, then use the plunge to apply pressure. We have used this little coffee miracle a million times, and mostly while we are on the road or after weddings! All you need is hot water, then you can make incredible espresso drinks.

If you are looking for a gift for a coffee lover, this is an awesome option. Here is a link ~ Aero Press

Thank you again Jake & Angela 🙂




Christmas Card Bloopers

I can’t tell you how many times I ran back and forth to press the shutter! You would think we would own a remote by now, but we don’t and it is more fun to run and beat the timer! Here is a peek at a few bloopers during the process 🙂

Christmas Card blooper

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from Us to You! We have been having so much fun this Christmas and want to thank you all for inviting us into your homes and lives this holiday season.

We absolutely love this time of year. People around the world celebrate joy & Hope, dark nights are a little brighter with Christmas lights decorating homes, and families gather. Most of all, we are in awe that Jesus would leave his throne and come be with us.

We wish you all a wonderful and magical Christmas morning!

~Kj & Rob

Christmas Cards


wedding photographers in fort collins

Bikes, burgers, beer, and best friends. It is obvious to me why the Fourth of July is Rob’s favorite Holiday! We were thrilled to have a day off to enjoy yard games with friends and fireworks in the park!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th! 🙂

Kj and RobKj and Rob

A promise kept & real love.

I’m sitting in my office and watching fluffy snow flakes fall from the sky and thinking about all of the people I love.

Today I am wearing a ring that my Dad gave my Mom on their first Valentines day together. I can’t help but think about how thankful I am for their fun and playful love and example to my family. My dad often tells me a story about when I was six years old and ran home from school crying. I learned that my friend’s Dad was leaving her Mom because they didn’t love each other anymore. This was the first time I learned about divorce and I couldn’t fathom it. That day, I made my Dad promise me that he would never leave Mommy. 31 years later they are still madly in love, and I know it is not just because of that promise.

So this Valentines day, I am especially grateful for the many examples of true love that I have in my life. Thank you to my parents, Robby’s parents, both sets of Grandparents, My brother and his wife, Robby’s sister and her husband and many more for setting the bar high. We look up to you all and your life long marriages.

By the way…Robby and I are going to be riding our tandem bike to get burgers and milk shakes tonight. Perfect date for me 🙂

Verge PhotographyHappy Valentines Day!!! <3



I kissed him, but got bark in my mouth.

Verge Photography

I am a fan of Christmas. Actually, I’m a little obsessed with Christmas. I love traditions, family, cozy fires, Jesus, and gift giving. I love it all.

Even though I’m a sucker for traditions, I had never cut down a Christmas tree or even had a real tree. Robby and I decided this was the year to start something new. So, this weekend we packed our saw, 1o bucks, and a mug of hot cider. We left Fort Collins with plenty of sunshine and plenty of time.

Just like any true Colorado day, the weather took a fast turn and suddenly we were driving in Blizzard conditions. The gate to the park closed at 2:30, and we arrived at 2:29. No joke, we had one minute to spare and we were the last car allowed in to find the perfect Christmas tree. The man at the gate took a good look at our tires, then looked up at Rob and told him to make sure he keeps the car in 4-wheel drive. We begun trekking down the one way road and soon felt like bobble heads. This road was treacherous, even with out snow. We reached a hill with several cars pulled aside to wrap their tires with chains. A little green Subaru thought to try the hill with our chains and we waited at the bottom and cheered them on. Moments later the little Subaru was sliding backwards and gaining speed. Our car sat at the base. Rob kicked it in reverse, and after our tires locked we began to slide too. Rob turned the car into a hill to stop, and the Subaru slid by and missed us by maybe a foot. They obviously decided to turn around, and now it was our turn. We made it up the hill just fine 🙂

The tree search lasted only 30 minutes until we found the perfect one. With numb feet and hands, we cut our tree and drug it through the wilderness to our car. We spent several minutes just smelling the tree, wierd I know, but it smelt just like Christmas. We toasted to our knew tree with our mugs of cider, then began the journey home.

The roads didn’t get any better and we actually saw 8 cars who slid off the road and got stuck in ditches. Everyone was ok, but it was a funny site seeing so many freshly cut Christmas trees stuck on the side of a road. Luckily our tree was tucked safely in the back of our jeep. Rob and I felt proud of our tree, like we had a new family member. We named him Geraldo and I gave him a kiss, but he only left bark in my mouth.

Check out our iphone pics from our adventure and fun new family tradition!

Verge Photography
Verge Photography

Verge photographyVerge PhotographyVerge Photography



What a week!

Winter Wedding

Woah baby! What a fun & crazy week we have had! This past weekend was our first weekend with out a wedding or shoot in several months…so we lived it up! We got to celebrate Rob’s birthday, snowboard, be with friends, Christmas shop, play in the mountains, watch a Christmas parade, and leave a decorated Christmas tree on someone’s door step and go to a Broncos game. Yup. Awesome week. Hope your week was epic too!


Check it out according to my iphone~

colorado wedding photographyWinter in Coloradoverge photography


Halloween for two

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

We are both kids at heart. It is looking like that will never change and we kinda love it. A Halloween has yet to pass with out costumes and pumpkin carving.

Last night we had a record number of trick-or-treaters! They lined the streets waiting to come to our house….all 10 of them. Last year we had 2 trick-or-treaters, this year we got 10. Shout out to Scooby doo, Pocahontas, Robot, and Spiderman for crossing the busy street to visit our home.

Robby and I got to sip wine, carve pumpkins, and make smore’s under a clear Halloween sky. It was awesome.

Hope your Halloween was fun 🙂

Pumpkin Carving Ideas


Easter Proposal

I felt so sick! It was only noon and I was laying in my bed with sweat pants on and hair in a mess. Robby came over to wake me from my nap and suggest we go on a hike. Robby & my friends knew I couldn’t pass up on an adventure, so I agreed to go. We took a scenic drive to Estes Park and pulled up to the trail head of a hike we had done before. I kept wondering what I was getting myself into and why I agreed to go, until Robby pulled out a small Easter basket from the back of his car. I have always been a sucker for Holidays and any sort of fun tradition, so I knew something fun was coming. In the basket had a note that suggested I carry this basket along the trail in case I find any Easter eggs. Somehow my excitement took over my sickness and I started skipping up the trail. I saw an odd stack of rocks suggesting something was near. I starting searching and found my first of many Easter eggs. I frantically opened the egg and dark chocolate started falling out…score! I shook the egg empty and found a small note stuck inside. We cruised along the trail and found plenty of eggs all with my favorite treats and torn pieces of paper. Each paper started with “Remember when…” and a significant memory of Rob and I followed. I was pretty clueless until I realized all of the memories were written in chronological order, which only led my mind to wonder what would be the last memory. We finally reached the end of the trail and Robby asked if I would like to rock climb a little higher. After balancing a basket full of Easter eggs and and climbing in Chacos, we made it off the trail and to the highest point of the area. The view was breathtaking and we saw the sun setting behind the 14,000 foot tall mountain, Longs peak. I noticed something unique in the distance and I started walking towards it, leaving Robby behind. My heart started to work its way up to my throat when I noticed this shiny object was another Easter egg. My fist though was that this egg was far too beautiful to hold more chocolate and torn paper. I reached down and grabbed my last treasure and slowly opened it. Realizing I had forgotten to breathe, I let out a long sigh when I saw just another torn piece of paper. I set down the egg to unfold this last memory, and found a surprisingly short amount of words. The note read ‘Do you remember when…’ but with no answer. I slowly turn around and found Rob on one knee waiting to be noticed. The tricky guy had the ring in his pocket the entire time, and at that moment he suggested it go on my finger.

3 years ago today, Robby asked me to be his wife!

Easter ProposalVerge Photography