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the journal

Well, Rob wins. He surprised me with our dream vacation for our 6 year anniversary! I am still blown away at how hard he worked to make this trip possible, it is unreal and I feel so very spoiled. We traveled to Iceland, Italy & Switzerland. We got to rent a camper van in Iceland […]

If you have ever read ‘5 Love Languages’ you would know that giving & receiving gifts is a love language, and it is definitely mine 🙂 I honestly love spending time trying to think of the perfect gift. We had received this little gift in the mail a few weeks after an engagement session we […]

I can’t tell you how many times I ran back and forth to press the shutter! You would think we would own a remote by now, but we don’t and it is more fun to run and beat the timer! Here is a peek at a few bloopers during the process 🙂

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from Us to You! We have been having so much fun this Christmas and want to thank you all for inviting us into your homes and lives this holiday season. We absolutely love this time of year. People around the world celebrate joy & Hope, dark nights are a little […]

Bikes, burgers, beer, and best friends. It is obvious to me why the Fourth of July is Rob’s favorite Holiday! We were thrilled to have a day off to enjoy yard games with friends and fireworks in the park! Hope you all had a wonderful 4th! 🙂

I’m sitting in my office and watching fluffy snow flakes fall from the sky and thinking about all of the people I love. Today I am wearing a ring that my Dad gave my Mom on their first Valentines day together. I can’t help but think about how thankful I am for their fun and […]

I am a fan of Christmas. Actually, I’m a little obsessed with Christmas. I love traditions, family, cozy fires, Jesus, and gift giving. I love it all. Even though I’m a sucker for traditions, I had never cut down a Christmas tree or even had a real tree. Robby and I decided this was the […]

Woah baby! What a fun & crazy week we have had! This past weekend was our first weekend with out a wedding or shoot in several months…so we lived it up! We got to celebrate Rob’s birthday, snowboard, be with friends, Christmas shop, play in the mountains, watch a Christmas parade, and leave a decorated […]

We are both kids at heart. It is looking like that will never change and we kinda love it. A Halloween has yet to pass with out costumes and pumpkin carving. Last night we had a record number of trick-or-treaters! They lined the streets waiting to come to our house….all 10 of them. Last year […]

I felt so sick! It was only noon and I was laying in my bed with sweat pants on and hair in a mess. Robby came over to wake me from my nap and suggest we go on a hike. Robby & my friends knew I couldn’t pass up on an adventure, so I agreed […]