Estes Park Mountain Wedding *Kelsey + Luke*

Meet Kelsey & Luke. Some of the most fun and laid back people you might meet. The stories that were shared keep us confident they are fun and wild, yet their kindness and relaxed vibe proves they are so present and content.

The wedding day was of course perfect (always is at Della Terra). I believe Kelsey would say the only mistake is that Luke fed himself cake before feeding it to her…but the laughs were so worth it.

Kelsey and Luke, thanks for kicking off wedding season with an outrageously fun wedding. You two are one of the most down to earth couples, and your wedding day was so fun because of it! Thanks for being so present and just enjoying every moment. Thanks for the glass of wine and time on the dance floor. We LOVED being apart of your big day!


~KJ & Rob

Epic Vendors –

Venue – Della Terra
Catering – Jubilations
Hair – Bella Capelli
Flowers – Floral Designs of Europe
DJ – Standing Room Only

Krista + Kevin *Estes Park Winter Wedding*

If you are considering a winter wedding in Colorado….do it. Hopefully this wedding is proof that it is a great idea.

Krista and Kevin are both wildly kind, so fun, and dentists 🙂 They had such a fun crew of friends and family celebrating them, and honestly a lot of Elk. The couple nailed all of the details with the winter green flowers, classic black suits and the gold reception details.

Although every detail was absolutely stunning and flawless, the wedding was amazing because of the great people.

Thank you to you both, Krista and Kevin for inviting us into your story and taking such good care of us. Thank you a million for the gluten free cake and the opportunity to dance with you guys and your guests. Your wedding was perfect.


Check out these epic vendors who are making dreams come true!
Venue – Della Terra Mountain Chateau
Florist – Hana Style Designs
DJ – Standing Room Only
Catering – Jubilations

Brittany + Hagen *Della Terra Wedding*

I think a big reason we love shooting weddings in Colorado is because the Bride’s are always up for anything. The scenery is incredible and the weather is typically good, but seriously the couples are adventurous and so spontaneous.

17 degrees, windy, slushy sidewalks, cloudy and high heels. This list of obstacles never even fazed Brittany & Hagen!

This was a wedding we could have stayed all night to dance! The family and bridal party were a blast!

Brittany & Hagen, we loved getting to know you guys!! Your wedding was perfect. We know you know this, but your family and friends are wonderful!! hope to see you guys again!

~KJ & Rob


















Kelsey + Brett *Colorado Mountain Wedding*

Kelsey & Brett had an epic December wedding in the snowy mountains of Estes Park. Della Terra was packed full of friends and family who never left the dance floor. It was an awesome party and Kelsey and Brett are so fun and easy to celebrate!

The couple are so relaxed together and obviously have so much fun! They are just naturally a great fit and work well together. You can tell nothing will pull them apart!

Kelsey & Brett, dang we are so stoked for you two! We love your relationship and how you guys make everyone around you feel like friends! You both are so present with people, everyone feels valued. Thank you a million times for inviting into your story. We can’t wait to hang out again soon!

~KJ & Rob

Epic Vendors~

Venue – Della Terra
Catering – Jubilations
DJ – Standing Room Only
Flowers – Enchanted Florist
Cake – Posh Pastry
Videographer – Canvas & Light
Make-up & Hair – Bella Capelli

Colorado wedding photographers 001

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Colorado wedding photographers 034

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Colorado wedding photographers 046

Colorado wedding photographers 047

Colorado wedding photographers 048

Colorado wedding photographers 049

Colorado wedding photographers 050

Brandon + Beth *Mountain Wedding Photographer*

Words can’t describe these two. Beth and Brandon are incredible people full of joy and kindness, I can’t imagine how wonderful their marriage will be!

Check out the couple’s awesome fall wedding at Della Terra! Huge thanks to Pink Diamond events for planning a stunning day, Jubilations for fun food and Colorado sound for bringing the party!

Beth & Brandon, we can’t wait to hang out someday soon and take you up on that LSU game! We are so honored and grateful to have been able to celebrate with you both and capture the beginning of your story!


~KJ & Rob

Colorado Wedding Photographer 001

Colorado Wedding Photographer 002

Colorado Wedding Photographer 003

Colorado Wedding Photographer 004

Colorado Wedding Photographer 005

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Colorado Wedding Photographer 007

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Colorado Wedding Photographer 016

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Colorado Wedding Photographer 018

Colorado Wedding Photographer 019

Colorado Wedding Photographer 020

Colorado Wedding Photographer 021

Colorado Wedding Photographer 022

Colorado Wedding Photographer 023

Colorado Wedding Photographer 024

Colorado Wedding Photographer 025

Colorado Wedding Photographer 026

Colorado Wedding Photographer 027

Colorado Wedding Photographer 028

Colorado Wedding Photographer 029

Colorado Wedding Photographer 030

Colorado Wedding Photographer 031

Colorado Wedding Photographer 032

Colorado Wedding Photographer 033

Colorado Wedding Photographer 034

Colorado Wedding Photographer 035

Colorado Wedding Photographer 037

Colorado Wedding Photographer 038

Colorado Wedding Photographer 039

Colorado Wedding Photographer 040

Colorado Wedding Photographer 041

Colorado Wedding Photographer 042

Colorado Wedding Photographer 043

Colorado Wedding Photographer 044

Colorado Wedding Photographer 045

Colorado Wedding Photographer 046

Colorado Wedding Photographer 048

Colorado Wedding Photographer 049

Colorado Wedding Photographer 050

Colorado Mountain Wedding *Kathryn + John*

Well hello spring time! 75 degrees for a mid March wedding, yes please!

Kate & John were a blast to be with all day. Kate emailed me the night before her big day to make sure that Rob and I planned on staying late to dance and have a drink at the wedding! She didn’t have to twist our arm 🙂

The couple are incredibly perfect together. They value fun and are so free with each other!

Kate & John, you two rock. We want to do your wedding day again just so that we can hang out with you guys (Or you could just come hang out in Colorado)! Thank you a ton!!

~KJ & Rob

Holla to the epic crew of vendors ~

Della Terra
Colorado Rose Cake
Floral design of Europe
Colorado Sound DJ
Jubilations Catering

Wedding Photographers colorado 001

Wedding Photographers colorado 002

Wedding Photographers colorado 003

Wedding Photographers colorado 004

Wedding Photographers colorado 006

Wedding Photographers colorado 007

Wedding Photographers colorado 008

Wedding Photographers colorado 009

Wedding Photographers colorado 010

Wedding Photographers colorado 011

Wedding Photographers colorado 012

Wedding Photographers colorado 013

Wedding Photographers colorado 014

Wedding Photographers colorado 015

Wedding Photographers colorado 016

Wedding Photographers colorado 017

Wedding Photographers colorado 018

Wedding Photographers colorado 019

Wedding Photographers colorado 020

Wedding Photographers colorado 021

Wedding Photographers colorado 023

Wedding Photographers colorado 024

Wedding Photographers colorado 025

Wedding Photographers colorado 026

Wedding Photographers colorado 027

Wedding Photographers colorado 028

Wedding Photographers colorado 031

Wedding Photographers colorado 033

Wedding Photographers colorado 034

Wedding Photographers colorado 030

Wedding Photographers colorado 036

Wedding Photographers colorado 038

Wedding Photographers colorado 037

Wedding Photographers colorado 032

Wedding Photographers colorado 041

Wedding Photographers colorado 042

Wedding Photographers colorado 044

Wedding Photographers colorado 043

Wedding Photographers colorado 045

Jenni + Tyrone *Colorado Mountain Wedding*

Crazy wind chills & frozen feet didn’t have anything on these two! Jenni & Tyrone planned a destination wedding for Colorado and the were fully ready to embrace whatever weather we had!

Jenni is this wonderfully kind soul who is a delight to be near. Tyrone is the type of guy that makes you feel really cool when he laughs at your jokes, luckily he laughs often.

A favorite memory was when we got to walk through the snow field and got hammered with wind a snow. We ran back to the car and Jenni sat down and just couldn’t stop laughing! She said what a fun experience and that they only get to do this once! Ha, so fun! What a trooper!

Jenni & Tyrone, thank you for freezing your feet off to adventure in the snow with us. You two were such a joy to spend the day with and it was an honor to celebrate your marriage! Thank you a million times for trusting us with your wedding memories. Wishing you a lovely, life long marriage & many main events 😉

~KJ & Rob

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 001

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KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 003

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 004

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 005

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KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 008


KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 009

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 010

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 011

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 012

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 013

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 014

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 016

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 017

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 018

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 019

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 020

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 021

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 022

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 023

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 024

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 026

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 027

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 028

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 029

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 030

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 031

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 032

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 033

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 034

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 035

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 036

KJ & Rob Wedding Photographers 037

Angela + Jake *Della Terra Wedding Photography*

We say this often, but seriously we love these two. I could literally cry thinking about how lucky we are that we get to meet so many incredible people because of our job. People like Angela & Jake remind us that we have the coolest job ever.

You might remember these two from their engagement post HERE! Angela & Jake got married at Della Terra last weekend and the fog was incredible! The entire day felt so peaceful and enjoyable. Even though Angela got soaked in the rain, she never stopped smiling and enjoyed every minute of it.

Angela and Jake have a way of making you feel so important whenever you are around. They remembered our dreams we shared at the engagement session and asked us about them. Angela is so intentional and calm. Jake is incredibly well spoken.

Some of our favorite moments happened during the reception. Everyone was so honoring to each other! People cheered on speeches and celebrated the couple and their families with such joy. I am smiling just thinking about it.

Jake & Angela! Thank you for your kindness and your friendship. Thank you for allowing us to capture a bit of your story. We loved being there and celebrating your marriage! And…thank you for the coffee!

~KJ & Rob

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Della Terra Weddings 42

Della Terra Weddings 43

Della Terra Weddings 44

Della Terra Weddings 45

Della Terra Weddings 46

Della Terra Weddings 47

Katie + Curtis *Estes Park Wedding Photography*

When we first met Katie, we knew we were going to like her. She came walking up with red lips, tons of freckles and fringe boots. Immediate friends. We got to meet Curtis a little later, and although he wasn’t wearing fringe boots, we were just as excited about him.

Katie & Curtis are a blast together. They travel the world and adventure often. Katie frolics and dances everywhere she goes, and Curtis holds her hand and joins in.

Katie and Curtis’ wedding was an awesome display of their style. Katie had her bridesmaids pick out Free People dresses, and the men rocked J.Crew suites. Antlers decorated the tables and bright coral flowers sat in clear bottles. It was just perfect.

Katie & Curtis, thank you again and again for having us at your wedding! It has been a blast getting to know you both! Thanks for adventuring with us and running through fields and jumping off of trees. You both are incredible.

~KJ & Rob

Shout out to the following vendors for making this wedding unreal!

Flowers – Enchanted Florist
Venue – Della Terra
Video – Velare
Caterer – Jubilations
DJ – MDH Entertainment

Colorado wedding photos 01

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Colorado wedding photos 33

Colorado wedding photos 34

Colorado wedding photos 35

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Colorado wedding photos 37

Colorado wedding photos 38

Colorado wedding photos 40

Colorado wedding photos 41

Colorado wedding photos 42

Colorado wedding photos 43

Colorado wedding photos 44

Colorado wedding photos 46

Colorado wedding photos 47

Colorado wedding photos 48

Colorado wedding photos 49

Colorado wedding photos 50

Molly + Russell *Della Terra Wedding*

These two will just melt your heart. You might remember Molly & Russell from their engagement session Here!

One thing I absolutely love about Molly & Russell, is that they do not hold back their emotions. Before the wedding, Russell was like a kid in a candy store, and during the ceremony he couldn’t hold back tears. Molly & Russell have invited so many friends and family to walk with them along their journey, and the support they receive is so obvious.

Although it was outrageously cold, the family and couple braved the weather for a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Molly & Russell have been planning this wedding for over a year, so it was so fun to see everything come together perfectly.

Molly & Russell, we hope it is obvious, but we are kinda obsessed with you two 🙂 We are huge fans and trust that your marriage will last a life time! Hope the honeymoon is going fabulous, you deserve it.


~KJ & Rob

KJ & Rob Photo 01

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KJ & Rob Photo 31

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KJ & Rob Photo 33

KJ & Rob Photo 34

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KJ & Rob Photo 38

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KJ & Rob Photo 40

KJ & Rob Photo 41