Jaime + Michael *Vail Colorado Wedding*

I’m so encouraged.

There are absolutely wonderful people in this world. There are families that are together and love each other deeply. There are selfless and brave leaders all around us. After 11 years of shooting weddings we just keep meeting incredible people.

Every single person at Jaime and Michael’s wedding was wildly kind and fun. People deeply respected who Jaime and Michale are as individuals and a couple. Tears were shed during the ceremony and the dance floor shook the entire reception.

Jaime & Michael, thank you so much for making us feel like invited guests. Thank you for jumping up to meet us at your rehearsal dinner. Thanks for asking about our daughter. Thanks for being spontaneous and braving the freezing temps for photos and an adventure. We truly hope to see you again and maybe have you guys kick out butts on the ski hill 🙂


KJ & Rob

Epic Vendors ~
Coordinator – Snapdragon Celebrations
Ceremony – Vail Chapel
Reception – Donovan Pavilion
Flowers – Vintage Magnolia
Makeup – Weemala
Band – Raising Cain

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Become a better person – Let go of perfection

My freezer is still full of ice cream from my birthday party 3 weeks ago…which is every pregnant woman’s dream! It is so fun to look back on all the great memories from my 27th year, but this year something was different as I reflected. I noticed something was off when I began to feel a little disappointed. In reflection, I realized I had spent too much of last year critiquing myself and creating a list of things I wished would change. My mind comfortably hosted too many thoughts about what was not perfect about myself or who I wished I had become by now. I was striving for perfection which only made me realize how far away from it I am.

The worst part is, if all you can see are the imperfections in yourself, it becomes too easy to see the imperfections in others. If I am not ok with my mess, how will I be ok with others? #judgement #comparison #jealousy #bummer

This is a sketchy trap and not who Jesus is or who He wants us to be. I actually think God is quite enamored with us…after all he sees Jesus in us, not our failures. If we can win God’s affection by our perfection, we aren’t believing in the full power of the cross.

So I’ve been trying to re-train my brain to dwell on the good, even if it looks messy! I have begun declaring truth over myself and listing all of the things I love about others.

Here is the cool part…

As I’ve began to speak nicely to myself and focus on the good instead of the bad, I’ve actually fallen more in love with Rob. I have noticed traits about him that I’ve never seen before…and they are amazing. Rob is amazing. You guys for real, he is freakin’ awesome! I am in awe of his character and I honestly hope I become more like him. I have spent too much of my marriage noticing the things that should change and not enough time savoring the gifts that should remain!

If you want to be more gracious and kind to others….start with yourself. Practice speaking kind things over yourself! We will never arrive to perfection, that is Jesus’ job, not ours. Let go of arriving to perfection and start enjoying the process of who you are becoming.

Need permission to let go and dwell in a positive and joyful mindset? Read Philippians 4:8.

So, let’s allow the process to be what is beautiful, not the perfection. After all, we are going to spend most of our life in process so we might as well find beauty there and enjoy the ride.



Monica + Craig *Colorado Mountain Wedding*

Meet Monica & Craig. We are confident you will like them 🙂

Their wedding was perfect and Awesome. I could tell you about all of the lovely things that were planned and how the sun came out at the perfect time, but the thing that seems most important to me is the ceremony. Something powerful happened. Maybe it was just me, but I was reminded of how important marriage is. Maybe it was the scripture that was shared, maybe it was the music that was played, but I think it was the way Monica looked at Craig. Seriously, the way she gazed at him made me want to be a better wife. Her expression screamed confidence and gratefullness. I believe the room went silent for her and all she could focus on was the priceless gift of a husband that stood in front of her. She was gaining a best friend that would never leave her side. She was receiving one of God’s greatest gifts.

I sat near the back with my camera in hand and almost in tears. I was reminded of the excitement and joy God feels towards us! He looks at us with that same confidence and gratefulness that Monica had. I was reminded once again of the joy & importance of my job. I hope and pray I can capture the light & joy that God lavishes on these couples.

Monica & Craig, we are so thankful for the opportunity to know you both. We are thrilled for you guys and hope we get to see you again! Thank you for the powerful ceremony and reminder!

~KJ & Rob

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Erin + Steve *Colorado Mountain Photography*

Erin & Steve are adorable. The wedding day was the first time we met them, and we immediately fell in love. Erin & Steve are both so warm and welcoming and just a little goofy 🙂 Aka…the perfect mix to make you feel right at home.

This sweet couple chose to see each other before the ceremony, and the moment they did they both started to pray. They couldn’t resist to thank God for all he has done for them. Their hearts were beaming with Joy.

Erin & Steve had their destination wedding at the lovely Black Canyon Inn, and the Reception at The View Restaurant in Estes Park. Props to Colorado Rose Cake CO for the most stunning cake I have ever seen! Also, thanks to Blooms for wonderfully unique flowers!


~KJ & Rob

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Adam & Hally *Colorado Engagement*

kj and rob

It is your lucky day because you get to meet these two! Everyone, this is Adam & Hally, some of the coolest people we know.

Being around Adam & Hally is like a breath of fresh air. They are wildly passionate, confident and joyful.

Rob and I have been fortunate to know Adam for several years now. We met him while guiding backpacking trips for RMR, which led us to weeks in the wilderness and even sea kayaking trips in Mexico. Adam is a powerful worship leader and believes that since we have Jesus we should never be out celebrated! See… I told you, such a fun and refreshing person to be around.

Hally is outrageously wild and free. She laughs often and dances even more.

We can hardly believe we get to capture their wedding in Salida this June!!


~KJ & Rob

kj and rob

kj and rob

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kj and rob

Martin + Ali *Vail Wedding Photography*

I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than celebrating someones marriage. Martin & Ali got married on January 4th in the oh so charming town of Vail. We of course woke up to a blizzard of snow, but the intensity died down and we were left with just a perfect dusting.

When I arrived to where Ali was getting ready, I was greeted by her father who was wearing a dress shirt and ski pants. Luckily this is totally normal, and of course he would start this special day on the slopes. Many of their guests and family were either sore or injured from spending the week adventuring with the couple, how epic is that!

Ali & Martin are truly an awesome match. They made us feel like great friends, even though we had only met them once. Their cozy ceremony was held at the Vail Chapel, where Ali has watched many family members get married before her. The celebration took place at the Four Seasons, where a live band played all night and guests were able to sit by a warm fire.

Martin & Ali, it was such an honor to celebrate your marriage with your family and friends. We will be calling you when we make it out to the east coast 🙂

~KJ & Rob

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Colorado Wedding Photography *Alison + Braden*

Alison & Braden are one of those couples that you can tell feel so free to be themselves around eachother. They bring out the best in one another and they are a blast to be with.

The couple got married at the Historic St. Malo cathedral near Estes Park. The reception took place at the Stanley hotel and was decorated with handmade vases and decor by Braden himself!

One of our favorite moments was the couple’s first dance. Alison and Braden had told us that they were practicing some unique dance moves but weren’t planning on actually doing them. During the dance, Braden gave Alison a nod and she came running and leaping into his arms. Although they couldn’t stop laughing, they pulled it off well! 🙂

Alison & Braden, thank you so much for inviting us into your wedding day. We LOVED celebrating with you both and hope to see you again soon!

~Karina & Robby

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Your creative best with your own life.

Yesterday was just one of those days… felt like a Monday and I couldn’t focus on anything productive. I found myself sinking into a belief that I wasn’t chasing my dreams hard enough . As soon as I turn on my computer, there are reminders everywhere of what others are doing and how others are succedding. It becomes pathetically easy to compare and realize all the things I could be doing. Somehow artist are really good at comparring. Our success is often driven by the thoughts and approval of others. I’ve deiced that is not ok.

This morning my sweet husband opened the door to the bedroom and as light starting pouring in, I saw the silhouette of sunflowers. He said Happy Friday, kissed me on the head, danced around a little and that was all. Simple and wonderful.

Because of being overjoyed with how lucky I am to have my husband, I began to remember and realize all of the successes in my life. I started writing down all of the ways the Lord has showed his favor to me and my family. The list is endless.

I don’t know what my future holds, but I know that it is different than anyone else’s, and for that I am excited and honored.  I am thankful for the process and thankful for where I am at right now. I would rather live with the risk of an unknown and wild future, than to try to replicate someone else’s path.

“I don’t wanna ride on somebody else’s passion.” ~ Will Reagan & United Pursuit Band

Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given and sink yourself into that. Don’t compare yourself to others…each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life. ~ Galatians 6:4-5 The Message


Colorado wedding photography





Mirabito Family Portrait

Today you get to meet the Maribito family. Lucky lucky you! This family is a power house and I can’t get enough of them!

Chris and Blair moved to Fort Collins about a year ago to start a church. They packed up their family and did it! A fresh new start in a new place with a new mission. Rob and I could not be more thankful they came to our sweet little city. We have fallen in love with this family and madly in love with our church Antioch!

Thank you Maribito family! Our city benifits from your presence. It was a blast to capture your family!!