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the journal

I’m so encouraged. There are absolutely wonderful people in this world. There are families that are together and love each other deeply. There are selfless and brave leaders all around us. After 11 years of shooting weddings we just keep meeting incredible people. Every single person at Jaime and Michael’s wedding was wildly kind and […]

My freezer is still full of ice cream from my birthday party 3 weeks ago…which is every pregnant woman’s dream! It is so fun to look back on all the great memories from my 27th year, but this year something was different as I reflected. I noticed something was off when I began to feel […]

Meet Monica & Craig. We are confident you will like them 🙂 Their wedding was perfect and Awesome. I could tell you about all of the lovely things that were planned and how the sun came out at the perfect time, but the thing that seems most important to me is the ceremony. Something powerful […]

Erin & Steve are adorable. The wedding day was the first time we met them, and we immediately fell in love. Erin & Steve are both so warm and welcoming and just a little goofy 🙂 Aka…the perfect mix to make you feel right at home. This sweet couple chose to see each other before […]

It is your lucky day because you get to meet these two! Everyone, this is Adam & Hally, some of the coolest people we know. Being around Adam & Hally is like a breath of fresh air. They are wildly passionate, confident and joyful. Rob and I have been fortunate to know Adam for several […]

I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than celebrating someones marriage. Martin & Ali got married on January 4th in the oh so charming town of Vail. We of course woke up to a blizzard of snow, but the intensity died down and we were left with just a perfect […]

Alison & Braden are one of those couples that you can tell feel so free to be themselves around eachother. They bring out the best in one another and they are a blast to be with. The couple got married at the Historic St. Malo cathedral near Estes Park. The reception took place at the […]

Yesterday was just one of those days… felt like a Monday and I couldn’t focus on anything productive. I found myself sinking into a belief that I wasn’t chasing my dreams hard enough . As soon as I turn on my computer, there are reminders everywhere of what others are doing and how others are […]

Today you get to meet the Maribito family. Lucky lucky you! This family is a power house and I can’t get enough of them! Chris and Blair moved to Fort Collins about a year ago to start a church. They packed up their family and did it! A fresh new start in a new place […]