Another Blonde

October 14, 2013

Everyone, meet Camber.

We have always dreamt of having a precious Golden to adventure with, and that dream came true yesterday! We had searched for months and we felt like the Lord asked us to wait so that he could give us the perfect dog. After calling breeders and even driving all over Colorado we finally gave up, and it was then I missed the call. A friend of a friend referred a friend (that is a mouthful!) who had two golden pups looking for homes. We went to visit, and game over.

Once we arrived at the families house, Camber came running. She immediately jumped in our laps and covered us with kissed, and even offered to share her precious stick. We sat on the porch to think about our decision and Camber came and fell asleep in my lap. Rob took one look at us, then told the owner “We will take her”.

We are obsessed.

We promise to continue to post wedding photos and not just puppy pics 🙂

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